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Relief Fund Raising for Violence Victims in Delhi

Student Islamic Organisation of India, SIO Mumbra Unit Organised a Fund Raising & Awareness Program in Vision to collect funds towards emergency Relief Appeal by Vision 2026 Team for violence victims of Delhi New on Friday, 28 February 2020.  According to media 35 deaths reported till 27 February 2020. More than 200 persons injured, and hundreds of houses got damaged. So many people lost their means of livelihood. The situation is extremely worrying and thousands are in the trauma of arson, looting and vandalism.  Vision 2026 teams have been trying to provide medical support such as transportation of injured to hospital, providing required treatment, care and medicine.       SIO Came out and conveyed messages from two Masjids in Mumbra with Banner & Donation Box to request gathering to support for immediate relief of the victims.  The Total Amount Collected out of this Appeal was Rs. 30,280/-
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Haya Campaign Looking at the youth of today, it is easy to guess that the majority of today's youth have gone from their religious, educational, and moral grounds to the filth of the day, ignoring their career. One of the links in this series is the rise of the concept of shame among young people. Striking their religious foundations, today's youth are on the path of infidelity affected by Western civilization. It has always been her intention to guide the students and young people towards their bright future and keep them aware of their purpose. Whereas Western civilization celebrates Valentine's Day immersed in a civilization on February 14, it is this day that I try to reach the image of the living. Like every other year, this year students Islamic organisation of India Mumbra organized the Haya day, which took place the following activities on February 7 - 14.  1- The Friday sermons of the mosque should be addressed by the Imams of the mosque on topic of modesty
3- Man…


Lecture Series Conducted On        💐 How To Face Exams  💐
                SIO MUMBRA UNIT

Students of 10th std are soon going to face their state board examination. All of them will be facing board exams for the first time. Their minds are occupied with huge stress as exam dates approach near. They need moral support and motivation for upholding themselves and prepare for the upcoming examination.

Student Islamic Organisation of India (Mumbra Unit) organised lecture series to motivate and guide students to manage stress on the importance of Time Management and Study Tips for the upcoming board examination.
 Such lectures were organised by SIO (Mumbra Unit) in different colleges and classes of mumbra!

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Urdu Kitaab Mela, Maulana Azad Stadium, Kausa, Mumbra

Urdu Kitaab Mela
Organized by Urdu Schools of Mumbra and emine
nt personalities of mumbra.
▪The event was held successfully From 1st to 5th January 2020 at maulana aazad stadium.

▪This event helped to build interest in student community and others to develop reading habit & urged people to gain more knowledge in almost every field.

▪ Student Islamic Organisation of India (Mumbra Unit) Took Part in the Management by providing its volunteers to manage and maintain the decorum of the event.
▪Members of SIO also gifted books on Islamic literature to various Police officers Eminent Media Persons Dignitaries & tried to pñresent  teachings of islam.

VACATION ISLAMIC CAMP 2019 preparation on its peak.

Vacation Islamic Camp(VIC) - 2019, a camp for three days will be organized by SIO Mumbra in the beautiful hills of Mahabaleshwar for the students who appeared 10th and 12th this year. SIO has been organizing this camp since last 36 years with only aim to make them understand basics of Islam and to make them practice a balance view of Islam in every aspects of life. Journey to the camp began from SIO Tanwar Nagar Pocket with 45 delegates and 15 volunteers on board.

Vacation Camp 2017 Concluded in Zeal with Life Changing Experiences

Like every year SIO-Students Islamic Organisation of India, Mumbra unit has organized Vacation Islamic Camp (VIC) – 2K17 out from the crowdie, polluted city into the peaceful and cool hills of Mahabaleshwar. 35 participants and 10-12 Volunteers from Mumbra board the bus on the pleasant night of 26th May to begun the journey with an aim to development our personality by gaining basic Religious knowledge for the betterment of our life in this world and the world hereafter. On the way all prayed Fajr Salah in chilling weather of Panchgani at proper time, it was different experience for some participants.

Day1: Reaching the destination and getting settled down, after a while programs for the Day began with Tazkeer by Br. Inamullah Khan (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, Member Jamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Hyderabad). He mention about the qualities a good Muslim should opt, he must remain firm on words of Allah(SWT) and their pursuit is to please Allah(SWT) alone. Eventually Br. Afeef Asre (Ex. SIO Mu…

New Energetic Team Appointed for SIO Mumbra

Every existing organisation in this wolrd work as per their aim and objective under several organisational Head/Chief/President as long as it can; structure remain the same but the working body changes after certain period. SIO as per The Constitution of Students Islamic Organisation of India allows and welcomes the same. According to their Constitution, Article-10(A) "The Organisation shall have a biennial term. Election or appointment for Central and Zonal posts shall be for two years and local for one year". And hence with year 2017 a new term begins with newly elected National President - Nahas Mala and Salman Ahmed as newly elected State President of Maharashtra South for the term 2017-2018. But unlike National and State the local appointed body changes every years, owing to same Zeeshan Chiktehas been elected the President of SIO Mumbra Unit for the term 2017. 

Zeeshan Chikte have done his Masters in Clinical Psychology and currently working as School Counselor under a …