The Battle against Falsehood - Yaum Al-Furqan

The Battle against Falsehood - Yaum Al-Furqan at Aqsa Masjid

On 24th March 2024 Students Islamic organisation of India - SIO Mumbra, Jamaat e Islami Hind - JIH Mumbra & Youth Wing JIH Mumbra has organised a program to remember the day of Badr, to remember the battle where falsehood perished and the Muslims were granted with a historical victory. A battle that took place on the 17th of Ramadan. 

Speaker of the event Brother Mohammad Salman Ahmed (Asst. Secretary JIH India & Ex. President SIO India) stated that this is not an Anniversary we have gather to  celebrate like what people use to do in order to pay tribute remembering a particular event or a Person’s sacrifice for any cause by celebrating their birth/death anniversary. This event that took place in the land of Madina 1445 years back have lessons to take from for every generation today & to follow untill the end of this world. 

Br. Salman said the first lesson from Badr is that Truth & Falsehood cannot co-exist & there’s always a tussle going on between the two. He said the moment we declare our belief in the oneness (Tauheed) of Allah (SWT) & acceptance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah apostle we declare a war against the falsehood. No matter how good we are in our character we will always be seen as a threat & so we must prepare ourself to face the odds.

He pointed Dawah is an important aspect. He said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never stopped Dawah no matter what & he did it for a prolong time. Prophet approached people of Makkah, his relative’s, traveler/tourists, traders, he visited Taif & Madina. We need to take this seriously & keep on spreading Islam by all means possible, Br. Salman highlighted.

Br. Salman says, one can out stand in any assigned task or can bring best results when he/she is equipped with desired skills. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) trained his companions to adhere & stay put in whatever situation that may come for the cause of Allah (SWT). This is another important lesson that we must take a note of, speaker said.

The test that muslimeens encounters are not for them to become increasingly despondent out of it but to make them durable, more compelled & steadfast. As we see what excessive oppression practiced on companions in Makkah didn't make them enervated & weak but instead boosted them to face & to fight more worse situation. Br. Salman said we need to take it as noticeable lesson from the Badr.

Another lesson for us here is that Migration (Hijrat) to Madina testified that Muslimeens are now ready to affray with all the disbeliever’s of Allah & his Prophet in this world. And that only became possible with regular  Edification & with spiritual improvement & upliftment. Without this it wasn't possible for 313 to confront 1000, as their focus was to please Allah (SWT) alone, aiming for eternal life & eyes locked at Jannah, he said. 

Before the battle of Badr & immediately after entering Madina Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did three very important things that has a lesson for all Muslims. The very first thing Prophet did is he made a strong team stating muslims of Madina are brother of muslims migrated from Makkah. Developing a bond & love for his fellow brother in Islam that was stronger & enduring than the bond with their own blood relatives. People of Makkah has a history of keeping lifetime grudges & indulging in endless wars over small & silly argument has changed & united after accepting Islam. This is what we muslims must practice as a need of hour keeping aside our differences we must unite for the sake of Allah, Br. Salman stated.

Second thing Prophet did is made the city of Madina a Model of Islamic Society, a society that established to integrate through Islam, using Quran & teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as guidelines practicing it in each and every aspects of life - individual & social, material & moral, economical & political, legal & cultural. In the scenario of Mumbra, a Muslim majority city must become an ideal Islamic Society a role model for all to follow, Br. Salman said.

Third thing that Prophet Muhammad (PHUB) did is developed Alliances. As the muslims were only handful in Madina among non-believers, Jews & Chiristians, so he made strategic alliances with all of them in order to keep the land & muslims free of internal threats also to help & support each other at the time of sheer need. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to help each other in the goodness & well being. Br. Salman said we must also establish such alliances with others in our society. 

Br. Salman Ahmed concluded his speech by taking the attendees back to battle ground briefly refreshing the whole in & out that took place in the Badr.

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