Feb 4, 2013

"How to face exam" by SIO Mumbra

Grade 10th and grade 12th students are busy preparing for their upcoming exams. They cannot afford to waste even a single minute. In a bid to guide them, a much needed program on “how to face exams and time management” was organized by the Students Islamic Organization Of India (SIO - Mumbra unit, Tanwar Nagar ).The program was organized on the 3rd of February, 2013. The program will help students utilize their time effectively and face exams positively.
The program took off with Quranic recitation by Br. Faiz, a student of IFC followed by a motivating session on how to prepare for and face exams and time management by Br. Minhaz (member SIO, mumbra unit). The session included an inspirational video depicting the story of Nicholas James Vujjicic. Sir Nicholas was born on 4th December, 1982. Although handicapped by both legs and hands, he is now a Serbian Australian evangelist and a motivational speaker. Despite being handicapped, he has completed his education and has also participated in several sports. At home, he is a busy person doing all the chores himself and has proven to the world that ‘Nothing is Impossible’. He has set an example for others and especially those who get demotivated, depressed and lose hope when they are unable to achieve their goals. 
Br. Minhaz also conducted an interactive session on time management and helped participants prepare an effective 24-hr timetable making optimum use of their time. As part of this session Br. Minhaz enlightened the gathering about study techniques and gave a detailed explanation on one such technique called SWOT analysis. In SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) technique, the student identifies his strengths and weaknesses which are a part of human nature. He also identifies the opportunities and grabs them and also tries to eradicate the threats that can come his way. Br. Minhaz also explained about the 3Ps of time management. The 3Ps were Planning and Preparation that come under the DOs and Procrastination that comes under the DON’Ts of time management. The program ended with an excellent Dua by Br. Hamid. 
The program no doubt benefitted the participants and has helped them to prepare for their upcoming exams.


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