Junior Associate Iftar Party

Junior Associate Iftar Party at Aqsa Masjid

In the special occasion of Ramadan Iftar party of Junior Associate (IFC) for children on 31st March 2024 Sunday at Tanwar Nagar, Asqa Masjid.

The program was planned by the two pockets (Amrut Nagar & Tanwar Nagar) of Mumbra. Nearly 51 IFC Associates and members enjoyed the Iftaar.

Prior to the Iftaar Br.Ejaz Shaikh (Member of SIO) conducted a speech adressing important point's such as, why it is important to fast, How one should try to make their fasting successful, What things should be done and What things should be avoided and its  What is the benefit, with that everyone prayed

As the Magrib prayer call started students started Iftaar enjoyingly and then offered Namaz – e – Magrib

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