Let's Defeat Communalism: A Public Conference on "Changing Scenario of the Country and the Role of Muslims"

Public Conference - Where we are heading at Diamond Hall, Mumbra 

A grand public conference held on 14th Oct 2023 in Diamond Hall, Mumbra to discuss the rise of communal hatred and how to overcome it. The conference was part of the "Where Are We Heading?" campaign which was organized by the Students Islamic  Organisation of India - South Maharashtra Zone (SIO MSZ).

The conference was attended by over 1,000 people from all walks of life. The speakers included Maulana Obaidullah Khan Azmi Sahab (Ex Member of parliament), IPS Abdur Rahman (Former Special IGP), Muhammad Salman Ahmad (Assistant National Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Ex President SIO India), and Atesam Hami Khan (Zonal President, SIO South Maharashtra).

Maulana Obaidullah Khan Azmi's statement underscored the importance of Muslims taking an active role in spreading goodness, supporting all members of society. Prioritizing & promoting common values of Islam and decreasing sectarian differences to address the challenges facing their community which can benefit society as a whole.

Mohammad Salman Ahmad said Muslims must work together to change the bad situation of communal hatred, the misuse of Social media to spread misinformation and propaganda about Islam and Muslims and the growing political polarization by strengthening their faith in which he included Quranic verse “Do not grieve, for indeed Allah is with you.” and try the path of moderation. He also added that Education and capacity building in every field particularly Media, LAW etc are also essential for Muslims to be able to make a difference in the world. By educating themselves and developing their skills, Muslims can become leaders in their communities, work to promote justice and peace.

IPS Abdur Rahman's statement called for zero tolerance for injustice, support for every oppressed person, the delivery of social religious and constitutional rights. Muslims can do this by providing financial assistance, legal aid or simply by lending a listening ear. “The importance of education, interfaith dialogue, and civic engagement is need of the hour” added by him.

Atesam Hami Khan's statement called for Muslims to be better people and to work towards a more just world. He believes that Muslims should be patient and tolerant, even in the face of adversity. He also believes that Muslims should build relationships with people of all faiths and work to promote understanding and tolerance. Finally, he believes that Muslims should be advocates for justice and speak out against injustice.

The speakers also discussed the impact of communal hatred on society, including the erosion of social cohesion, the rise of violence and the marginalization of Muslim and other minority communities for which they called on the government to take steps to promote tolerance and pluralism.

The program started with Recitation of Quran and at the end, SIO Mumbra Unit President Umair Khan thanked Almighty Allah, speakers, attendees, media, volunteers and people of Mumbra for the success of the campaign. All people shown solidarity with posters and made dua for oppressed Palestinians as well.

The conference was a success which generated a lot of interest and discussion on the issue of communal hatred.

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