A Day of Mercy & Forgiveness - Fateh Makkah

Mufti Ayyub addressing the crowd on the topic "Fateh Makkah- A Day of Mercy and Forgiveness"

Some very iconic events in Islamic history took place in the month of Ramadhan which has a lesson to apply in our life. In regards to this Students Islamic Organisation India (SIO) - Mumbra Unit & Youth Wing (YW) - Mumbra, on 31st March 2024 organised a program on “Fateh Makkah - The Conquest of Makkah”, the second most significant event in the History of Islam after Battle of Badr. If the Battle of Badr bookends the beginning of the establishment of the emerging Muslim community, the Conquest of Makkah signifies its culmination.

The speaker of the event Mufti Ayub Khan Noori said that the Conquest of Makkah occurred 8 years after the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madinah. On the 20th Ramadhan (630 AD), the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and ten thousand of his Companions returned to Makkah and took control, facing little resistance.

It all began with the dream of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in which he saw himself entering Makkah along with few other people. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ then along with his companions began his journey to Umrah however on the way to the location of Hudaybiyyah prophet was stopped by Quraysh & asked to sign a treaty before entering Makkah. Certain clauses were put in front of the Prophet including 10-year peace with no war, also any Muslim from Madina entering Makkah would not be returned however any Muslim from Makkah fleeing to take refuge in Madina had to be returned. Articles thou was not in the favor of Muslimeens but Prophet Muhammad ﷺ agreed and has been written down & signed by both sides.

This treaty opened a new door for Muslims to spread Islam in Non Arab countries & helped Islam to gain support & get allies from around the world.

The impetus of conquest was the breach of this Treaty when Quraysh and their allies Banu Baqar killed 20 men of Banu Khuza members of the tribe sought support from Muslim allies. The Prophet ﷺ responded by approaching Makkah, the main centre of Quraysh & conquered Makkah without any agitation or war but with peaceful dialogue forgiving all the non-believers of Makkah & ordering companions to have peace.

The program concluded with a speaker highlighting lessons the victory of the Conquest of Makkah has to offer. 

1. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ accepted all the clauses of Quryesh even when it was not in the favor of Muslims, sometime taking small losses is beneficial for vast perspectives & bigger benefits.

2. Even if the situation was narrowed Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  didn’t stop Dawah but he changed the direction towards non-Arab countries & continued his work which turned out to be a game changer & so we should also consider enhancing our territory of Dawah when one door closes.

3. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was in power when he entered Makkah after Quraysh disregarded the treaty he didn’t misuse the power but Instead, he forgave & asked for peace, and a general amnesty was offered to the Makkans.

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