Summer Islamic Camp - Vacation in the Shade of Deen

Summer is here & so are the Vacations, the period of endless fun & enjoyment for school goings kids. Kids are busy planning their days of vacations. Adding more to their plan to make this a remarkable vacation for kids, Students Islamic organisation of India (SIO)-Mumbra Unit & Islamic Freinds Circle (IFC) come up with an Idea of ‘Summer Islamic Camp (SIC)-2024’ so that student can utilize their vacation in learning basic of Islam along with loads of fun & enjoyment.

Summer Islamic Camp 2024 Sports day

The 7-day Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) kick startes from 6th May 2024 with total 60 participants in Masjid Al-Furqan. It began by reciting the verses of Holy Quran followed by its translation in Urdu & English by Br. Ahad (Associate SIO Mumbra) & Br. Imaz (Member SIO Mumbra). Participants were divided into 4-groups by Br. Shadab Khan (President SIO-Mumbra). Group formation was incomplete without the member knowing each other so an Ice-Breaking session was conducted by Br. Imran Khan (Incharge SIC-2024) to promote suitable peer connections, to encourage and enhance teamwork, in which each group has to run to finish line sticking to eachother in such a way that the balloons placed between each member don’t fall. Br. Swaleh (President Youth Movement-Mumbra) discussed the topic ‘My Parents My Paradise’, he quoted a hadith that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ‘In the happiness of the parents lies the pleasure of Allah, and in their anger is Allah's anger’. Referring to this Hadith he explained how honoring & respecting Parents the way Allah (SWT) commands pleases Allah (SWT) & so ease our way to Jannah & how it’s gets otherwise if we disrespect our Parents.

Br. Swaleh delivering speech on My Parent My Paradise

Br Umair Khan (Sub Incharge - IFC Mumbra) gave a presentation on “Purpose of Creation”, be began by explaining how only the creator of a newly invented Gadget can give right answer about his creation. He than related the same to the creator of living beings & Mankind - Allah (SWT) & how ultimate life objective/purpose of human is to worship their creator Allah (SWT) by abiding by the divine guidelines revealed in the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He pointed on simple daily routines & how it counts in the worship if done as directed by Allah (SWT) & for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Ice breaking session

Core element of Faith of Islam, Tauheed (Oneness of Allah), Risalat (Prophethood) & Akhirah (Life hereafter)’ & how they serve as the very foundation upon which the entire structure of Islam stands was described by Mufti Ayub Noori (Secretary, JIH Mumbra).

Day-3 was dedicated on knowledge enhancement  with this delegates were enlightened with ‘Namaz Workshop’ in which Br. Ejaz Shaikh (Secretary SIO-Mumbra) defined importance of Salah by reminding that Salah (Namaz) was a Gift that Allah (SWT) himself gave to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Meraj (the ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)into heaven). He explained how namaz distinguishes between a Beliver & non beliver. Starting from ablution (Wazo) untill Salam every act in salah has its own essence that need to be nurtured by us. Namaz is a treasure for Mankind as we can Talk to Allah, Speak to Allah, Address to Allah - we can do ALL with our Master without taking an appointment in the Salah (Namaz), he said. Adding more to the day theme Br. Imran conducted a Islamic & general knowledge Quiz. 

Junior Associate participating in Quiz Competition

‘Quran: The book of Guidance’ on this Janab Naseer Islahi Sahab (Member JIH) explained why Quran is called book of guidance. It addresses all the issues that human faces in day to day life, from social, political, economical to Moral it covers all aspect of life, he said. He insisted on learning & understanding Quran with translation in order to bring Quran in our life spending our life according to Allah (SWT) commands. 

Br. Umair Khan (Sub incharge IFC Mumbra) on the topic ‘Islam & Friend circle’ clarified on the friend company we should be into & which company in not healthy for us and how a wrong friend can ruin our life in this world & life hereafter. He mentioned that True friendship is based upon an ethical and spiritual foundation. ‘Importance of Education’ was explained by Br. Minhaj Sayed (Ex. Member SIO Mumbra). He told kids how education bring change in one’s life & uplifts our abilities & status and encouraged them to keep studying hard to become a good humans.

Indoor Game - Blow the Cup Pyramid with Ballon

‘Noble life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’ was sketched by Br. Azim (Member SIO Mumbra) he share the key event from Prophets life how he spent his entire life like an ordinary human. Thou he was on righteous path non believer denied him, not only rejected Islam but practiced excessive oppression. Non believe later witnessed how Prophet consolidated most of the Arabian Peninsula under Islam. Br. Azim encouraged kids to read the life oftenly. 

Br. Hamidullah (Ex. Member SIO Mumbra) on the topic ‘Students & Tech’ told it is necessary to know that technology has eased our life but misuse can mislead us & can mess with our minds distracting us from ultimate aim of our life, ruining our life in this world & the life hereafter.

Memorization of one dua, surah & hadith was a significant part of camp carried out all 6days of the camp. There were also daily video show session in which delegates were shown with Islamic history, nature & science experiments videos. Puzzle & Indoor game session helped boosted their concentration. Delegate also actively participated in Islamic Drawing competitions.

Tug of War competition at Jk Turf Mumbra

Last day of the camp was designed for Physical development with sports activity on field. Groups competed each other in Tug of War, Cricket & Football. 

The event is incomplete without delegates been awarded for thier dedication in the whole camp & to the winners of the various competitions. 

Prize Distribution

Prize distribution was held on 19th May 2024 at Masjid Al-Aqsa, Mumbra. Event was attended by all the delegates along with their parents. It began with Tazkeer of Janab Naseer Islahi Sahab followed by Introduction of Islamic Friends Circle (IFC) by Br. Umair Khan. Event culminated by distributing prizes to the winners. Verily actual reward is one that will be rewarded by Allah (SWT) for our good acts.

Medals and Trophys

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