Dignitaries Meet On The Campaign - Where We Are Heading

Dignitaries Meet at Aqsa Mosque

SIO Mumbra conducted Dignitaries Meet on the theme "Changing Scenario of Country & Role of Muslim" on 05th Oct 2023.

Atesham Hami Khan (Zonal President, SiO South Maharashtra) briefed on the purpose of the campaign "Where we are heading" and why it is the need of the hour. He mentioned how the nation is witnessing the rise of communal hatred & how we can overcome this complex situation with a better & positive strategic approach.

Dr. Salim Khan (Member, Markazi Majlis e Shura, JIH) began his discussion with the issue of Palestine relating it to the current scenario with India by highlighting how the Indian stance has been shifted towards Israel. He also emphasized that change does come in every decade be it has always turned out to be beneficial by any means for all.

Later there was an open session where dignitaries asked questions on the situation here in Mumbra & discussed the possible solutions. There came a point in the discussion where all agreed to set up a common platform to deal with any extreme situations in Mumbra.

The meeting was concluded by  Muhammad Salman Ahmad (Asst. National Secretary JIH, Ex-President SiO India) with strategies on how to set up the common platform and how to use it effectively to tackle and overcome extreme situations, He also presented live ground realities of how violence unfolded in multiple communities across India supported by 800 pages research work happened in past 20 years in multiple constituencies across India.

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