17th Ramadan Marks The Great Battle of Badr – Yaum ul Furqan

Advocate Faisal Qazi Sahab Delivering his speech on Yaum-ul-Furqan at Masjid Al-Aqsa, Mumbra

Every year the 17 Day of Ramadan reminds us of the The Battle of Badr “Youm ul Furqan” (The day when falsehood vanishes).

On 5th July 2015(Ramadan 17, 1436 AH) a very inspirational and motivational program was organised by SIO Mumbra which aims to raise the spiritual status of youth and led them to compete in their field and asking success from ALLAH indeed.

Ghazwa-e-Badr (Battle of Badr) is the day that marks the the unbeatable glory of Muslim’s valor and fearlessness. The day when Allah’s help descended towards its pious people who left their homes, families and properties just for the sake and pleasure of Allah, the Lord of the Universe.

The battle of Badr is one of the great events of human history that occurred on Friday, the 17th Day of blessed month of Ramadan in the second year after migration from Makkah to Medinah (624 CE).
It deeply affected men’s ideas and conduct. The battle of Badr deserves a place in any history of that period. It was the original cause of all the battles that followed.

The Program started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an followed by its translation inUrdu by Br. Jawwad Shaikh. Immediately program was proceeded by inviting our Speaker Maulana Ayyub Khan Noori. He explained the historical background since Makkan period and reasons deeply which led this battle. He encouraged audience to stood up for the truth the way companions stood up.

In next session Advocate Faisal Kazi Sb. enlightened, guided, encouraged and co related the message of Badr to our youth in current situation of Muslim Ummah all across the globe. He also draws a parable lessons from this battle. He presented his thought very well and in a very precise form. At the end he prayed that may Allah help us to understand the spirit of this battle and use this occasion to rise the youth of this Ummah.

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