Token of Respect on Teacher's Day

5th of September, The day marks as a day of gratitude and respect to the selfless efforts of teachers all over the country and celebrated as “Teachers Day”. Thou a respect of a teacher and the hard work it does for moldings a Childs character and life doesn’t required a day but should be an endless Honor. On this Day Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO)-Mumbra cadre also offered a token of respect to all the Principles of Schools and colleges in Mumbra.

SIO Mumbra visited and met with 20-schools and colleges around the Mumbra and presented a small Teacher’s Day Memento in the form of Book as a respect for constructing the character of the generation. Principal from all over the Mumbra gave an unbelievable response and asked us to contact them in case of any help from their side.

Hamidullah Shaikh (President SIO-Mumbra) gave a short intro with an official SIO letter while offering the present. Many schools principal showed interest and praised the work and efforts SIO put for the student community.

List of Schools and Jr. colleges visited are,

1.      Abdullah Patel Urdu School
2.      Abdullah Patel English School
3.      A. E. Kalsekar Jr. College
4.      St. Mary’s School
5.      Queen’s Mary School
6.      Mumbra public School
7.      Patel High School
8.      Ideal School
9.      Mesco English School
10.  Shoeb High School
11.  Mumbra English High School
12.  Dynandeep High School
13.  Bapaji Patil School
14.  Jhondhale High School
15.  Angle’s Paradise School
16.  New Model School and Jr. College
17. Don Bosco School
18. National School
19. Sumaiya High School
20. G.R. Patil College

Books Presented are,

1      1. Life of Prophet Muhammed (In Urdu, Hindi and Marathi)
2      2. Towards Understanding Islam (In English)
3      3.Holy Qurqan (In Marathi)

4      4.Fun-e-Taleem aur Tarbiyat

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