Mar 26, 2014

SIO Mumbra Expresses Condolence over the Death of Br. Muzammil

Br. Muzzmmil Attended Vacation Islamic Camp(VIC) in the year 2012 is no more. He lost his Life in a Road Accident on 25th March 2014.
We Pray Allah (SWT) and ask for his mercy to this innocent soul. May Allah forgive all his Sins and make him to dwell in Paradise by his Mercy and Kindness.


  1. Inshallah we will meet in jannah...
    I still remember his boldness and comedy of vic - 2012 by sio mumbra while he was told to give feedback regarding that 4days camp.

    1. Ya his face and all his 4days activities is glimpsing in my memory like a video Clip......

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