Spreading the Message of Peace through Inter School Competition

Looking towards increasing disturbance and hatred in our Society, our Country is facing the foundational challenges to democratic rights of individuals. Instituting predefined policies and unprecedented steps of odd stacks has triggered Communalism, Casteism, Regionalism, etc. conflicts nation wide. All these contradictions have increased discontent and pessimism among people which in turn have resulted in many social problems. SIO felt the need to confront with a Permanent distinctive solution to end-up this hatred and develop a balance society from the teaching, character and life of the most prestigious personality Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who practically made this world a Place where people can live in peace. Sarojini Naidu Said " Islam is the First Religion that preached and practiced Democracy. Alphonse De Lamartaine said " Muhammad moved not only armies, Legislation, people dynasties, but millions of men in one-third of then inhabited world and more than that, he moved the altars, the gods, the ideas, the belief and the soul".

Owing to this, SIO Maharashtra South Zone conducted state wide campaign under the Title “Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) The Benefactor of Humanity”. The cadre all around state joined hands and took step to make this campaign successful by organizing various symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, etc. SIO Mumbra on its part placed Seerah Books Stall at Mumbra Station for 3 days & conducted Street Dawah to spread one on one message of Peace distributing books and pamphlets on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in different regional languages.

The main event of this campaign was the “Seerat Knowledge Test (SKT) - 2016” Inter-School Competiton in which more than 700 Students participated from 26 different Schools. The test was held on Sunday 21th Feb 2016 at Asadullah Khan High School, Mumbra.

Prize Distribution and Falicitation Ceremony for this test was held on 28th Feb 2016 at Zam Zam Hall. Huge number of Students accompanied by their Parents and Teachers attended the event. Top three Scorers were rewarded with Trophies, Seerah Books and Cash prize of 7000, 5000, 3000  INR respectively. Highest Scorer from each participant schools were awarded with Trophies and Schools were felicitated for their participation. Also each participant students were awarded with participation Certificate. 

Prize Distribution Ceremony ended illustrating the beneficial teachings and solution to the Problems , Humanity of  21st Century is suffering. Students were motivated from several events from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Chief guests Mr. Anwar Shaikh (President SIO Maharashtra South Zone), Mr. Khursheed Anwar (Thane District Organizer, JIH Maharashtra), Mr. Zafar Ansari (Secretary JIH Maharashtra), Mr. Muazzam Asre (President JIH Mumbra), Prof. Javed Shaikh (Ex. President JIH Mumbra) guided and appreciated students for their performance.

National Level Scorer of NMTSE (National Minority Talent Search Examination) - 2015 from Mumbra were also facilitated for their outstanding performance. 

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  1. Nice move towards humanity keep it up guys....teaching tolerance and harmony in current situation shows patriotism and care for society

  2. Nice move towards humanity keep it up guys....teaching tolerance and harmony in current situation shows patriotism and care for society

  3. Been a very good sign and students would also be able to work for the nation and for the betterment of the society and respective authorities have shown much of their emphasis to move on here. proper punctuation checker

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  5. At least those women are allowed to get some education. And maybe they even can write a review of Writeversity. I mean, I'm okay with religions, but I think some of them are violating basic human rights. It's still weird for me to see all the women covering their heads...