Quran Competition Prize Distribution and Eid Party

IFC Quran Competition's Prize Distribution and Eid Party

SIO Mumbra organized an Eid Party and Prize distribution program for Quranic Competition  winners on 25th August, 2013 at Tanwar Nagar, Mumbra Kausa for IFC students.
Program was started with recitation of Quran by one of the IFC student followed by introduction of IFC, its aim, objective and activities by Janab Aqeel (Member of JIH Mumbra). Br. Masood Iqbal (Member of JIH Mumbra) shared a hadees with the students.
Around 90 students were participated in the Quranic Competition and 15 students won the different prizes, first winner given the Trophies.  Prizes are distributed by Maulana Kazi, Masood Iqbal and Janab Aqeel, also encouraged the students who did not win the competition.  
After prize distribution Eid Party started with some snacks that enjoyed a lot by every IFC students.  At the end program ended with a dua. 
Please find the below winners names from Tanwar Nager and Amrut Nagar unit.
Tanwar nagar
(Junior Group)
1st Shaikh Rayan Imran
2nd Ayaan Imran
3rd Umar Husamuddin
(Senior Group)
1st Md Mubashir Iraqui
1st Shaikh Saif Hasamuddin
2nd Shaikh Arshad Saba Shaukat ali
2nd Sayed Asif Noor Md
3rd Narkar Taha Nasir Hussain
Amrut nagar
(Junior Group)
1st Daniyal Baig
2nd Zehbi
3rd Attar Rafey
(Senior Group)
1st Ameeruddin Md Bagdadi
2nd Shaikh Md Taha Yamin
3rd Umar Abdul Raees Shaikh

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