Vacation Camp 2017 Concluded in Zeal with Life Changing Experiences

Like every year SIO-Students Islamic Organisation of India, Mumbra unit has organized Vacation Islamic Camp (VIC) – 2K17 out from the crowdie, polluted city into the peaceful and cool hills of Mahabaleshwar. 35 participants and 10-12 Volunteers from Mumbra board the bus on the pleasant night of 26th May to begun the journey with an aim to development our personality by gaining basic Religious knowledge for the betterment of our life in this world and the world hereafter. On the way all prayed Fajr Salah in chilling weather of Panchgani at proper time, it was different experience for some participants.

Vacation Islamic Camp - 2K17 Group Photo
Day1: Reaching the destination and getting settled down, after a while programs for the Day began with Tazkeer by Br. Inamullah Khan (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, Member Jamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Hyderabad). He mention about the qualities a good Muslim should opt, he must remain firm on words of Allah(SWT) and their pursuit is to please Allah(SWT) alone. Eventually Br. Afeef Asre (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, VIC-2K17 Camp organizer) gave short glimpse on events and surprises to come in these 3-day with few instructions. To build up team spirit and so as to generate personal acquaints among each other Br. Akmal Shaikh (Ex- SIO Mumbra Secretary) conducted a group word formation activity. 

Jb. Mufti Ayub Sb. Addressing to Delegates
Then Jb. Zafar Ansari Sb. (Secretary Jamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) – Maharashtra) explained 'Why Allah(SWT) created humanity, he  mentioned that there is purpose for every creation, what about us Humans? He shed light on concept of Ibadaat & Bandagi in Islam and what Allah(SWT) wants from us, and asked to enjoy life but in submission to Allah(SWT). Later Jb. Mufti Ayub Sb. (Member JIH Maharashtra) explained concept of Taoheed and life hereafter in Islam.

Br. Inamullah Khan Speaking to Delegates
Since it was the day of Al-Jumah, urdu Khutba /Sermon was presented by Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb. (President Jamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH)-Kurla) on personality one should pursue, where he explained Allah(SWT) created every human being distinct, stating example from distinction in personality of Sahaba R.A. i.e. Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was pointing out to discover oneself and utilize our life to fulfill the noble cause of Allah(SWT) followed by Arabic Sermon by Jb. Mufti Ayub Sb and Jumah Salah.

Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb. taking speech on Sexual Energy and Islam
Later in Afternoon all set to visit Twelve point, where Delegates enjoyed the scenic views, beauty of mountains and greenery also enjoyed Twelve Point special Gola/ Shave ice. Heading back to Rest house offered Salah. The evening session began with Tarana followed by speech on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Br. Inamullah Khan (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, Member Jamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Hyderabad). He chronically highlighted different stages in Prophets Life and briefed about the good coming in his life, along with severe criticism and challenges Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) faced; also the achievements and good news thereafter in his life. Day 1 event end with a small whole day program and speech oriented examination.

Delegates Participating in Group Activity
Day 2: After Fajr Salah move toward Kate’s Point for glorious golden Sunrise view. Delegates were amazed by the twilight and magnificent sweeping view of sunrise. Astonished by clear panoramic view of waterfront getting glistened in the reddish shades of the rising sun. Later there Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb. Delivered a small speech quoting the verses of Surah Al-Mu’minun where he explained essence of success.

Exploring the Flora & Fauna at Kate’s point stepped back to rest place. Second day sessions resumed after breakfast, Jb. Zafar Ansari Sb took a speech on last miracle Quran followed by lecture on Life on Sahaba /Companions by Br. Inamullah Khan.

Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb. conducting session at Kates Point 
After a small break there comes the session on Sexual energy and Islam by Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb, this topic was needed for overall development of student. Where he explained why Allah(SWT) created everything in pair, how to harness sexual energy for overall growth. He also explained how the misuse of this energy causes physical and psychological impacts and what is to be done in case of situation got messed up.

Jb. Zafar Ansari Sb. Interacting with Delegates
After Salah and lunch we step for Venna lake facilitated with opportunities for Paddle and rowing boating later headed towards nearby Lake View Garden. Delegates, volunteers and speakers gave their short intro followed by an interactive session on Friendship: how to choose friend, how much distance to keep from them, can we enfriend girls where the few points discussed by Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb.

Group Discussion at Lake View Garden
Coming back to camp and after offering salah Jb. Zafar Ansari Sb. conducted a workshop on the topic My Parents My Paradise. It was highly inspiring and heart rending session for delegates, many realize their mistake for the way they use to behave with their parents and intended to remain soft centric towards their parents now on.

Jb. Zafar Ansari Sb. conducting lecture on My Parents My Paradise
Evening of 28th May was dedicated for Cultural Events where delegates demonstrated individual skills and talent, performed mimicry & self-created group skits with other individual performances. Aap ki Adalat was the most enjoyed part performed by the volunteers.

Day 3: Last day was allotted for Sports. After Fajar Salah Jb. Mufti Ayub Sb. gave a small explanation of Hadeeth followed by Personality Development by Br. Inamullah Khan later moved to Polo ground. There delegates played Cricket, Dodge Ball, Relay and Running Race.

Sports Day
Sports Day
Coming back to camp Br. Inamullah Khan delivered a short speech on Why SIO? Followed by Prize Distribution for the various group and individual activities held in past 2-3 days. Br. Zafar Ansari Sb. in the end gave an inspirational speech on topic “Ruko nahi thamo nahi marka hai teez tr” followed by vote of thanks and few important announcements by Br. Afeef Asre.

Cultural Night skid Performance
With this Vacation Islamic Camp (VIC) – 2K17 come to an end on Dua / Invocation of Br. Inamullah Khan.

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