New Energetic Team Appointed for SIO Mumbra

Every existing organisation in this wolrd work as per their aim and objective under several organisational Head/Chief/President as long as it can; structure remain the same but the working body changes after certain period. SIO as per The Constitution of Students Islamic Organisation of India allows and welcomes the same. According to their Constitution, Article-10(A)
"The Organisation shall have a biennial term. Election or appointment for Central and Zonal posts shall be for two years and local for one year". And hence with year 2017 a new term begins with newly elected National President - Nahas Mala and Salman Ahmed as newly elected State President of Maharashtra South for the term 2017-2018. But unlike National and State the local appointed body changes every years, owing to same Zeeshan Chikte has been elected the President of SIO Mumbra Unit for the term 2017. 

Zeeshan Chikte have done his Masters in Clinical Psychology and currently working as School Counselor under a Private firm. He is highly energetic and a visionary leader with impressive skills and strong intellectual abilities. Borther Zeeshan Chikte served various responsibilities in organisation so far,

Zeeshan Chikte (President SIO Mumbra - 2017)
  • 2010: IFC Secretary, SIO Mumbra
  • 2011: IFC Secretary, SIO Mumbai Division 
  • 2012-2013: Pocket Incharge
  • 2014: Program Committee Head
  • 2016: Program Committee Member
  • 2017: President, SIO Mumbra

Apart from these responsibilities he has also been assigned various events responsibilities in the filed of Education and Career Guidance.

Secretariat's of SIO Mumbra for the term 2017 is as follows:
  1. Secretary - Br. Khalid Alam
    Br. Khalid Alam - 2016: Program Committee Head
  2. Finance Secretary - Br. Hanif Halsangi 
    Br. Hanif Halsangi - Served as Secretary of SIO Mumbra
                             - 2011-2012:  Pocket Incharge, Amrut Nagar
                             - 2014: CG Incharge
                             - 2015,2016: Finance Secretary
  3. Media Secretary - Br. Anas Khan and Br. Abu Saif
    Br. Anas Khan - 2012: Media Secretary
                        - 2013: Media & Social Media Secretary
                        - 2014: Social Media Secretary
                        - 2015-2016: IT Cell Member, SIO South Maharashtra
                        - 2015-2016: National Web-Editor, SIO India
    Br. Abu Saif - 2015-2016: Scholarship Cell Member, SIO South Maharashtra
  4. Campus Secretary - Br. Siddique Khan
    Br. Siddique Khan - 2012: Islamic Frieds Circle - IFC Pocket In-charge, Amrut Nagar
    - 2013: IFC Secretary - 2015: Campus Secretary - 2014: IFC Secretory
    - 2016: Pocket Incharge, IFC Secretary
  5. PR Secretary - Br. Minhaj Syed
    Br. Minhaj Syed - 2012: VIC Incharge
                          - 2013-2014: Finance Secretary
                          - 2016: CG Incharge
  6. Dawah Secretary - Br. Abdul Aziz
    Br. Abdul Aziz - 2012: Secretary, SIO Mumbra
                        - 2013: Sports Secretary
                        - 2014: Pocket Incharge, Tanwar Nagar
                        - 2016: Secretary, SIO Mumbra
  7. IFC Secretary - Br. Ejaz Shaikh
    Br. Ejaz Shaikh - 2015: IFC Pocket Incharge, Tanwar Nagar
                         - 2016: Pocket Incharge, Tanwar Nagar
  8. Sports Secretary - Br. Afeef Asre
    Br. Afeef Asre - 2012: Dawah Secretary, SIO Mumbai Division
                       - 2014: VIC Incharge
                       - 2015: President, SIO Mumbra
  9. Cultural Secretary - Br. Umair Khan

  10. IFC Pocket Incharge - Br. Umar Khan - Amrut Nagar
                                     - Br. Amir Surve - Tanwar Nagar

  11. Pocket Incharge - Br. Umar Khan - Amrut Nagar
                               - Br. Imran Khan - Tanwar Nagar

  12. AML Productions - Br. Iliyaz
May Allah(S.W.T) Grant the team Strength and Determination to fulfill his Responsibilities.

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  1. Congratulation to one and all .May Allah accept your efforts. Bdw it would be my pleasure to give words to the blog. I would love to do so.....

  2. Congratulations to the whole team.
    May Allah give isteqamat to all.