Spreading the Message of Constructive Thoughts among the Youths

#V4CT Lecture in College
Today various ideologies have enslaved the minds of youth, they have corrupted their mind, misguided & driven towards extremism. According to 2011 census 55% of total population comprises of individual under 25 years of age, who are energetic and determined youths. Looking at the situation of society and campuses it is become necessary that we recognize and establish democratic values in the society. To fight against such extremism and constructing a harmonious and peaceful society SIO Mumbra conducted 10days Campaign "V4CT - V 4 Constructive Thoughts " from 12th September 2015 to 22nd September 2015.

#V4CT Lecture in Classes
During these 10 Days various lectures were delivered in most of the College campuses and Coaching Classes of Mumbra, reaching more than 1400 Students to Build a constructive society. Speakers Beautifully Conveyed the importance of this campaign Shouldered the responsibility of Today youth towards their nation reducing extremism and maintaing brotherhood. Speaker focused on the issues like Communalism, Religious Intolerance and towards our self centric approach, they said that the solution for all is that, 
1. We need to understand the boundaries of our freedom & not endanger the rights of others.
2. We need to get ahead & develop the understanding of plural society.
3. We need to understand the Laws of Nature.
4. We need to develop an understanding of Human rights & values.
5. Society contributes a lot for the individual, similarly individuals needs to contribute for the society.
6. We need to have control over fulfilling bodily & sexual desires, not wanting more & more.

#V4CT Lecture in Classes
Apart from this delegates of SIO met many Dignitaries, Politicians and Famous Personalities making them understand the necessity of this campaign and requested for their valuable support. Moreover the response was outstanding they appreciated the step taken by SIO and assured for full support for this cause.
#V4CT Lecture in School

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