Summer Camp organized for school going kids

Speeches on Various Topics
SIO Mumbra has organized a Summer Camp in the month of May called "Summer Islamic Camp(SIC)-2015" with theme "Hum Roshan Roshan Suraj (We the Glaring, Shining Sun)". Just like past years, SIC-2015 was successfully hosted at two different venues in Mumbra i.e. Amrut Nagar and Tanwar Nagar with attendees of about 180 Students.

From L to R (Drawing Competition, Qirat Competition, Indoor Game) 
Six days of the camp would make a lifelong change among students of Std. 1st to 9th, with such intention, the volunteers and the management tried their level best to bring the delegates in familiarity of Islamic beauties and at the same time tried to nourish their talents via different activities.

Each day of the camp began with Dars-e-Quraan which was followed by memorizing Duas. This all was also accompanied with Byhearting of Ahadees of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 'Friendship in Islam', 'Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) in his childhood', 'My Parents- My Paradise' were some of the topic of speeches which helped to enlighten the young minds of the students. They were also encouraged to clarify their misconception and queries regarding Islam.

Outdoor Games

Candidate in the camps had also taught and encouraged good use of Technology, showed Islamic video shows on all the five days which glorifies the moral values to be developed in an individual; but what makes the students to attend the entire camp with punctuality? It was due to different competitions such as Puzzle, Drawing, Qirat, Tarana and quiz. Indoor games like bursting balloons and blowing glass and at the field games such as Cricket, Dodge ball and Kho-Kho to generate team spirit among themselves.

Felicitation Ceremony
After duration of six days, the camp came to conclusion with the felicitation ceremony. Students were appreciated for their participation in front of their parents and guests. MAN OF THE SIC, BEST GROUP, BEST DRAWING etc were some other appreciation. Jb. Malik Abdussalam Sb. (Ex. Maharashtra South Zone President, JIH Member), Jb. Muazzzam Asre Sb. (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, JIH Member), Jb. Farooque Asre Sb. (Ex. SIO Mumbra President, JIH Member), Maulana Ayub Khan Noori (JIH Member), Jb. Rafique Shaikh and Dr. Siraj Khan Sb (JIH Member) were present as guest for prize distribution ceremony along with SIO Members. The success of the Summer camp ensures the success of upcoming Winter Camp. 

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