A Vacation Camp at Mahabaleshwar

Vacation Islamic Camp(VIC) - 2015, a camp for three days was organized by SIO Mumbra in the beautiful hills of Mahabaleshwar for the students who appeared 10th and 12th this year. SIO has been organizing this camp since last 21years with only aim to make them understand basics of Islam and to make them practice a balance view of Islam in every aspects of life. Journey to the camp began from SIO Tanwar Nagar Pocket with 45 delegates and 15 volunteers on board.

VIC-2015 Group Photo
Day 1: With the very first foot in Mahabaleashwar delegates were taught the etiquette of ablution when its water scarcity, followed by Fajr Salah on the way. First day session began with a brief explanation (Taskeer) of Surah Mominoon by Jb. Shakeel Ansari Sb. (JIH Member) which describes of the Glad tiding for deserving humans and signs of a hypocrite. "Allah Ek Hi Hai (Oneness of Allah)" was the next topic he explained framing verses of Surah Ikhlas. He said our whole body is determined to Allah, and its our duty to identify and obey our creator.

Jb. Shakeel Ansari Sb. addressing delegate
As it was Friday so all moved to mosque and offered Juma Salah, later headed toward "Twelve Point" to enjoy the beautiful nature and the creation of Almighty Allah (S.W.T.).

During Evening session of the day 1 on the topic "Ambiya Duniya Mein (Companions of Prophet in world)" he told that every Prophet and their Companions were on some specific mission/duty, like Prophet Lut (Lot)PBUH was on mission to warn the people of Divine chastisement and to stop them from indulging in evil act of Homosexuality. Similarly Prophet Shuaib (Jethro)PBUH was to prohibit people from cheating and betraying people in business. They tried really hard to achieve their goal and so should we, as result is not in our hand but efforts are. So we should give our 100% to achieve the set goals of our life.
Delegates offering Salah
Day 2: Early in the cold foggy shivering morning of 2nd day all rushed to "Kate's Point" offered Fajr Salah there and waited to catch the glimpse of the spectacular rising sun which appeared to be phenomenal. Jb. Shakeel Ansari Sb. related the beauty with some verses of Quran and made student realized that Allah(S.W.T) alone undoubtedly is the creator of all and is indeed praiseworthy. All then set back to the rest place where a wonderful breakfast and many other exciting lectures and activities were waiting for them.

Sunrise View and Praising Creator at Kate's Point
"How to Plan a Career" on this topic Jb. Zameerul Hasan Sb.(JIH Member) told that, one thing which plays a very vital role in Career selection is self assessment. One should select a career which satisfies his heart as well as his mind and hence choose a career sagaciously. "Sexual Energy and Islam" was one of the very important topic covered by Jb. Haseeb Bhatkar Sb.(Member JIH), he highlighted some facts and placed possible solutions under the guidance of Quran and Ahadeeth in front of the delegates. He said its in our hand whether to make good use of the energy or to misuse it. Also he explained the ways to avoid unfair evil acts which one may involved into and the consequences for same both here in this world and in the world hereafter.
Time to kill hunger: Delegates having Lunch
"Halat-e-Hazra aur Aaj ka Naujawaan (Current Issues in the World and our role as Youth)" was the next speech by Jb. Abdul Waheed Shaikh Sb.(Member JIH and Ex. SIO Mumbai President) in which he brought focus of student towards the issues world is facing now and then that includes political, health, students, economical, etc issues. He said, Innocent people in the world dies everyday due to natural calamities, human greed for land and position, crime, suicide, distraint, war, diseases and poverty which doesn't bother us at all but our concern of distress is ban on beef, population decline/growth of a particular religion, luxury, etc. we need to widen our thoughts; history proves that very big revolutions in this world were brought upon by youths. He gave the example of various leaders, companions of Prophet who brought tremendous good change in our society. Quoting some Ahadeeth related to youth, he asked not to waste our life in vain stuff, its better to seize the opportunity of this cream age before old age.
Discussion on Friendship at Lake View Garden
After offering salah, all had lunch and then set to enjoy the boat-riding at "Lake Point" followed by a group discussion on "Friendship" at the "Lake View Garden". A healthy discussion was conducted under the guidance of expert/convener Jb. Abdul Waheed Shaikh Sahab. Delegates and volunteer together played Kabaddi thereafter, which helped building strong bond among themselves. Coming back to resting zone delegates were escorted on the topic "Zindagi baad Maut (Life after Death)" by Jb. Zameerul Hasan Sb. in which he raised various question on life after death and the day of judgement. He said people who are involved in unfair means, murder and other crime were set free due to money power; playing with law and judiciary. Justice to innocent and poor victims remain denied. He Said Allah(S.W.T.) loves justice and has repeatedly mentioned in Holy Quran to follow the path of Peace and Justice, hence he created life after death and Judgment day. So that on that day people will rise once again on the command of Allah(S.W.T) and every single men and women will be rewarded the Justice they were denied for, in their previous life on Earth. On the basis of delegates whole day understanding a written examination was conducted.

Jb. Zameerul Hasan Sb. delivering his speech
Delegates were given some group assignment to be executed on daily basis so as generate team spirit, also some individual task like to by hard an Ahadeeth which is to be recited after every Salah with translation. Evening of Day-2 was dedicated to Cultural Night, groups as per their assignment prepared and played skid/drama which was full of enthusiasm and each skid performed contain wonderful moral. Later volunteers also performed a drama for delegates followed by "Aap Ki Adalat" which was enjoyed by delegates.
Sports at Polo Ground
Day 3: Day began with Fajr Salah and Dars-e-Hadeeth followed by a speech on "Quran Allah ka Kalam Hai (Quran is the Book of Allah(S.W.T.)". As the morning of the day-3 was devoted to sports, all after having their breakfast head off to "Polo Ground" where delegates played Dodge ball, Cricket, Sack race, Relay race. Delegates also enjoyed Horse riding at the ground.
SIO Mumbra President Br. Afeef Asre giving SIO Intro.
Three day camp slowly reached to its final stage, beginning with the delegates expression about the camp, their views, liking's, disliking's, and feedback's. Br. Afeef Asre(President-SIO Mumbra) gave a short intro of SIO and its activities countrywide and in Mumbra. Next comes the Prize Distribution ceremony in which delegates were rewarded for their achievements in various heads during whole camp like Best Notes Prepared, Best Performance in Exam, Best Drama, Best Sportsmen, Best Group, Best Observer, Best sports performance both individually and in group and last but not the least, a very important award 'Man of VIC-2015' award.
Prize Distribution Ceremony
Br. Anwar Shaikh (President-SIO Maharashtra South Zone) addressed delegates on the topic "Aao Soleh Tanzeem ki Taraf (Come, Join a Righteous Organisation)" giving various example he explained the need of a righteous group for our betterment. Referring to call of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) he said its mandatory for an individual to remain within the company of righteous peoples which also protects him from evil.
Zonal President Br. Anwar Shaikh addressing Deleagtes
With this leaving deep, unforgettable and beautiful memories in mind Vacation Islamic Camp(VIC) of the year 2015 concluded with the grace of Almighty Allah on the Dua of Br. Javed Shaikh Nadvi. All then get seated to return back home.

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