Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) - 2014 Ended Fostering Extraordinary Ingenuity

Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) – 2014 organized by SIO-Mumbra magnificently concluded on 20th April 2014. The 7 days Camp begin from 14the April 2014 and ran dedicatedly with a strength of more than 200 Students within the age limit of 7-13yrs at three different Circles/ Pockets of Mumbra; Amrut Nagar (Masjid Al-Furqaan), Tanwar Nagar (Masjid Al-Aqsa) and Shamshad Nagar.

Programs for the students throughout the camp were so designed that they must learn and get to know something new daily through use of various means and technology. Program use to begin with reciting the verses of Quraan followed by an Audio-Visual Taskeer. On Daily basis students were entailed in small Hadeeth and Dua memorization as well.

During whole camp students were also mobilized with regular lessons and lectures on different topics of Islam. Br. Raees (SIO-Mumbra Secretary) shared some good points and motivated students on the Topic “Childhood of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)”. Putting Prophets Life in front of them asked students to become like our beloved Prophet and follow him to succeed here and hereafter. Br. Hamidullah (SIO-Mumbra President) discussed the topic “Importance of Parents” in which he mention that it’s very important to respect our parents. He said we must remain allegiance and loyal for our parents, because our attitude towards our parents can take us to Paradise and undoubtedly to Hell as well. So be very polite and take as much care as you can of your parents.

Br. Zeeshan(SIO Member) Explained the importance of Friendship in our Life. He explains how a good/righteous friend and bad friend matters to mould our character so we must differentiate between a true and a harmful friend and choose one who is honest and call us towards right way. He said we should love our Friends for the sake of Allah and must be faithful towards them. “Importance of Salah” was the topic covered by Br. Afeef (SIO-Member), in his talk he explained the necessity of Salah and the importance of offering Salah on time. He even explain that its among one of the very important Five Pillars of Islam. And told at what Age it become mandatory to offer Salah, so you must offer it without fail.

Etiquette’s of Juma Salah was covered by Br. Hamidullah (SIO Mumbra President).  “Life of Companion” and their relation and trust with each other was described by Janab Masooq Iqbal Sahab(JIH Mumbra Member) and Importance of Good Health and its advantages was expound by Br. Ziya ul Islam(SIO Member). He said we must exercise regularly and remain strong and vigorous.

Apart from Speeches daily a good moral based Video Documentary was also the attraction among the Students. There was also a session of competitions Daily Quiz, Word Formation, Memory Power test, Drama, Drawing, General Knwoledge Test, Naat/ Hamd/ Qirat so as to generate competitive skills and enhance IQ level; also some Indoor Games like Dart Throw, Hit the Glass, Balloon Blow-to-Pop etc.

Last Day of the Camp was Devoted exclusively to Outdoor Sports. Different outdoor games were played in two groups with Junior level played Running race, Book balancing and Tug of war while Senior level Kho-Kho  and Dodge Ball and Cricket.

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  1. MashaAllah....May Allah Accept the Efforts of Organizers and Guide those Students to follow the Righteous Path......

  2. Mashallah great team work & efforts By SIO mumbra team. May Allah Accept our Efforts.