Summer islamic camp prize distribution

SIO Mumbra organized prize distribution program for Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) on 5th May, 2013 at Tanwar Nagar Masjid.

Program started with recitation of Quranic Ayah by IFC associate.

Some students shared the experience of 7 days SIC where they stated that learnt many things relating basic of Islam, Namaz, tawheed and risalat, also enjoyed the sports activities.

Brother Zia delivered a very good speech to the student, he said that every child should be best in character, moral values and should be knows as best and an example for others when they walk on the road and in society. Brother Zia also said that IFC cadre has multiple talents, whether it is case of study, sports or speaking confident, they are well behaved and motivated students who will be leading the society in future.
After Zia bhai speech, session of prize distribution started and out of 120

students around 60 Students won different prizes and each participants awarded participants certificate with the hands of Masood Iqbal and Aqueel Shaikh (Member of JIH Mumbra), Zia ul Islam (SIO Mumbai DAC member) and Parvez Khan (SIO Mumbra President).

Speech of Masood Iqbal started, he emphasized on education and deen as this is one of the tool to get success in both the worlds followed by Aqueel Shaikh speech started he said these were not the actual competition, the real competition should be for aakhirat.

Then the program ended with wonderful dua by brother Zia ul Islam.  

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