Summer islamic camp

Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) has been successfully organized by SIO-Mumbra Unit for IFC (Islamic FriendsCircle) associates from 15th Apr. 2013. The 7 days Camp last till 21st Apr. 2013 at two Pockets AmrutNagar (Masjid Al-Furqaan) and Tanwar Nagar (Masjid Al-Aqsa).

In all 120 students participated in the camp. During these 7 Days camp students enjoyed variousspeeches and Lectures on Moral values and Fact told and showed by Prophets from their Character.Apart from Speeches daily a good moral based Video Documentary was also shown. Every day there wasalso a session of competitions and Indoor games like Quiz, WordFormation, Carom, Dart Throw, CollageMaking, Book Balancing, Biscuit Eating, Musical Chair, etc.

The event came to an end with Outdoor Sports Tug of War, Potato Race,Kho Kho and Volley Ball on 21stApr. 2013,Arshad Saba Shaikh group won the Volley Ball.

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