Special Admission round for Minorities for Admission in Government Polytechnic

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No. 10/Minority/Admission / 2011/761                        Date   :    16th September 2011


Subject  : First Year Engineering Diploma Admission 2011-12

Special Admission round  for Minorities for Admission in Government Polytechnic

Second admission round has been started for the admission of minorities in following government Polytechnic s for academic year 20111-12. Mahrashtra Government has declared Muslim,Boudh, Sikh, Parsi & Jain these communities as minority. 70 % seats are reserved for these minority community Students in following Government Polytechnic . And 30 % seats are reserved for Open & Reserved  category students.  

Sr. No.
Admission Capacity
 Government Printing Technology Institute, J. J. School Of Architecture Campus,Mumbai ( D – 3006)
Printing Technology
Government  Polytechnic, Aliyavar Jung road, Kher Wadi, Bandra(E),Mumbai ( D – 3007 )
Computer Engineering      Information Technology  
60                           60
Government   Polytechnic ,Phadke pada, opp. Bharat Gear, Mumbra Shil road, Thane ( D – 3011)
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering   
60                           60
Government   Polytechnic , Akkalkot Road, Solapur    (D – 6017)
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering   
60                           60
Government   Polytechnic , Dhamangaon  Road,Yavatmal  (D – 1012)
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering   
60                           60
Government   Polytechnic , Veer Sawarkar Marg, Baba Nagar,Nandel (D –2017)
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering   
60                           60
Government   Polytechnic , Near Asian High Way       No 46,Jalgaon  (D –2008)
Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering   
60                           60

Admission in above institutes will be done on 20/9/2011 at 10.30 A.M. through  counseling.

-        Admissions of Government   Polytechnic, Thane, Polytechnic, Mumbai, and Government Printing Technology Institute, Mumbai  will be done at Government  Polytechnic, Aliyavar Jung road, Kher Wadi, Bandra(E),Mumbai

-       Admissions of Government   Polytechnic, Solapur, Yamatmal,Nandel and Jalgaon will be done at respective Institutes. For these admissions all students of final merit list will be eligible.               Those Students who have already taken admissions in other institutes they will get refund of their fees as per admission rules 2011-12 – rule no. 17.3 point no. 2.

-       Those Students who have already taken admissions in Government, Private and Un-aided they   are also eligible for this admission round. They will get admission on the basis of their merit.

-        Those students who will get admission in this admission round they will have to produce their   original documents, mark sheet and required fees within three days to respective institutes. Also required documents for the verification of fees. And respective Institutes also has to cancel the admissions immediately and should return the documents  immediately and start the process of returning fees.

-       Interested student should present at respective Institutes on 20/9/2011 at 10.30 A.M. They should bring  mark sheet 10th std. (S.S.C.) and education fees Rs. 1000/-. And if they have already taken admission in other  Institutes then they should bring receipts of fees paid / Bonafide  certificate / any proof of admission.

-       On 20/9/2011 from 10.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. seats of minority will be allotted to respective communities. If student of respective community will not available then after 3.00 P.M. remaining seats will be allotted to students of other minority communities

-       After this admission round  next admission round will be on 23/9/2011 at 10.30 A.M. for vacant seats. Students should present at respective Institutes. For this round all seats will be treated as open seats.

-       In this admission round admissions of vacant seats should be done before 28/9/2011 through counseling.

-       Admissions in first year engineering is extended up to 28/9/2011. All Un-aided  Institute should complete their admissions up to 28/9/2011. And upload information of students up to 30/9/2011.

-      For more information log on to website www.dte.org.in/poly2011 .

(Dr. Subhash Mahajan) 
Pro-Director,Technical Education,Mahashtra state,Mumbai

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