SIO Press release on Ayodha Verdict

New Delhi (21/09/2010): The student and youth community of India must receive the verdict on Ayodhya title suite with peace; said Suhail KK,National President, Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO). Reminding that the Allahabad court verdict on 24th September is not the end of judicial process and the option of appealing to the Supreme Court is still open after the verdict, he urged the student community to respect the court's order even if the verdict goes against them. Since no religion endorses mischief in society, petty politics in the name of religion must be identified. The verdict must neither be celebrated nor be agitated by both the communities. Those who really love the country must obey its rules and regulations. Mr. Suhail also stated that the students and youths of this country had shown the world, the highest level of tolerance at many occasions and that maintenance of peace in such situations are in SIO's prime priority.

Issued by 

Shahnawaz Ali Raihan
National Secretary
SIO of India
New Delhi 25

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