Jun 22, 2010

Educational Excellence Campaign – SIO Mumbra

As a part of the state level (Maharashtra South) campaign of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Mumbra Unit has successfully organized a program on the topic READ & LEAD. The sole objective of the program was to motivate the students to perceive excellence in education.

In the beginning, Mr. A. Rasheed (Nayab Ameer E Maqami, JIH Mumbra) explained the importance of education with the reference of Surah Alaq. He said, one can truly understand & come closer to the almighty Allah (SWT) with help of knowledge only.

After this Br. A. Salam (Member ZAC, DAC) gave a thorough explanation of the educational excellence campaign & activities of SIO in educational field. Students should work hard to develop their skills he added.

After that Mr. Arif Jamal (C.A, Tata Consultancy Services) gave a great motivated speech on creating awareness on Importance of education and the role of Muslim Students. He said that we can’t divide the education in like duniya (here) & akhirah (hereafter).

If we just take this worldly education we are nothing more than intelligent evils he added.
Program ended with the Dua by Br. Ayyub.

SIO Mumbra thanks Almighty ALLAH for making the program a big success & appreciates Er. Akmal (Convener – Read & Lead) and his entire team for organizing the event.

May ALLAH accept all our efforts. (Aameen)

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