SIC - SIO Mumbra

SIC (Summer Islamic Camp) SIO - Mumbra
Duration:Apr14 - Apr 20.2010.
Date Activities Time

Day 1 14/04/2010 a) Darse-e-Quran 20min
b) Hamd aur Nath 10min
c) Intro of SIC schedule 10min
d) Video Show 30min
e) Masjid-k-Adaab 15min

Day 2 15/04/2010 a) Darse-e-Hadith 15min
b) Wadu-k-Faraiz,Salah. 30min
c) Puzzles 30min
d) Dua Recitation 15min

Day 3 16/04/2010 a) Toheed (Speech) 30min
b) Azan ki Ahmiyat & Competition 30min
c) Interaction with pupils on Day to Day Safety Measure 30min
d) Recitation of Dua/Surah 15min

Day 4 17/04/2010 a) Resalat (Speech) 30min
b) Quiz Competition 40min
c) Dart shooting Competition 30min
d) Allah-k-Zikr-aur-Azkar 20min

Day 5 18/04/2010 a) Akhirat (Speech) 30min
b) Walidayan-k-Hukuk 30min
c) Carrom Competition 30min
d) Dua Recitation 15min

Day 6 19/04/2010 a) Cricket Competition 90min
b) Kho-Kho 30min
c) Slow Cycling 30min
d) Other Games 60min

Day 7 20/04/2010 a) Bacho-k-Faraiz Aur Zimedariyan 30min
b) Exam on SIC 45min
c) Video Show 30min
d) Feast (sweets) 30min
e) Vote of Thanks followed by Dua 15min

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  1. Assalam
    SIO summer islamic strom
    gooddddddddd carry on....

    Bring this Summer, Islamic Strom and Scatter all the Evil..

  2. assalam alykum brother alhamdullilah our blog is very sucessfully updating.i want to suggest that on the top of blog you should introduce about sio like what is sio,from when sio came into existance,what is the aim of sio,achievements of sio,because any person who dont know about sio will be confused if sees our blog.for this purpose you should introduce sio on the top of blog.jazakalla.sorry if my sugesstion is wrong.

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